Monday, October 24, 2016

I don't even want to think how this could have turned out.
I'm no Thelma, nor am I a Louise.

But I am guilty of this, there is a road that I spend a large part of my driving life on.  I drive on it at least a 4,562 times a week.  

Driving might not be the right word.  Zipping by, zooming, okay, okay, SPEEDING...I speed by because it's one of those roads where the speed limit is 100% out of touch with reality.

Do I need to say more than that, because you all know THAT road.

This road gets more humorous because half way between  my town and our neighboring town lies a sheriff station.

AND, everyone speeds by that station. 

I have never seen anyone pulled over on this road, though I have seen a few sheriff cars cruising.

But, the other day there was a sheriff car ONE CAR BEHIND ME.....and I was speeding.

I though to myself, he's already seen that I am speeding, what should I do?  Should I slow down? He might pull me over if I pull down.  Should I speed up and hope I loose him?  But that would be so wrong!

What would you do?  You would do what I did.

Yes, it's true, I sped up.  This road has a lot of turns and hills and I know if I could just distance myself...well, it might be out of sight, out of mind.

And guess what? 

I lost him.

I had commited an illegal act and I ran from the cops.

It's true.

I turned onto a new highway, and knew I was home free.

But what should I see?  The Newark police.

I was sure the sheriff had radioed to him, I was sure I'd be pulled over.

But, I escaped AGAIN!  Not by speeding this time, but I coolly kept the speed limit and drove on by the police.

By this time I had a pretty guilty conscience.
I had done wrong, I had run away intentionally, and faked innocence in front of the one who could judge me.

This is my spiritual story really.  I knew there was a God who wanted me to do right. 
I could not do right...I did not do right.

When I found out that God's gift was forgiveness, I was too proud to admit I didn't already know God.

So I lied, and said told a camp counselor that I knew Christ, but if someone didn't, how would they accept him?

She was very gracious and told me that I only need to ask and God would forgive me through Christ.
That night I accepted the Lord...

A prideful, lying, brand new baby Christian was born.

He has been faithful to grow me.

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