Sunday, April 29, 2012

Susan Boyle

You all know Susan Boyle right?

American Idol,

everyone thought she would make a fool of herself,

and then she sang with the voice from another world and knocked everyone's socks off.

She made me cry.

I was watching her American Idol performance just a few nights ago with Oz on YouTube and she STILL makes me cry.

Do you want to know why?

Because here is this normal, plain woman who nobody thinks will do much of anything.  BUT, then she opens her mouth and out comes the most beautiful voice you have EVER heard.

Everyone wants that one shining moment.
Everyone wants that moment where people stand up and cheer.
Everyone wants to be validated.
Everyone wants to count for something.

Well, Susan Boyle did it!
She made people take notice and I love that about her.

But what about me?

You do not want to hear me belt out a tune.
I can paint, but I'm not the kind of painter that will EVER be hung in a museum.
I'm a pretty good mom and wife, but very few people know about that...and even fewer care.
I'm an okay cook.
I'm an okay friend.
I'm pretty much just okay...nothing tremendously special.

But do you know what?

God says that one day when life is done that if we have followed him as faithfully as we know how he will greet us and say in front of legions of angels and all the millions of Christians that have gone before us and he will say, "Well done good and faithful servant."

That will be my Susan Boyle moment....only WAY better.

I live to hear, "Well done."

Can't wait to see you God.